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Good to know!

What you should know about road traffic in Austria:


In Austria, vignettes (motorway toll stickers) are obligatory on certain marked roads. In addition, special tolls are charged for tunnels, bridges etc. Vignettes can be obtained at all newsagents or in all fillings stations (also at certain designated Autobahn filling stations in Germany before you reach the border!)
Since 8th November 2017, you can also conveniently order your digital vignette online.

Lights on during the day

is no longer obligatory in Austria. From the 1.1.08, driving with the lights on by day has no longer been mandatory in Austria. However, switching on your headlights is still recommended in all cases by the Advisory Board for Traffic Safety!

Reflective safety vests

All car drivers in Austria are obliged to carry reflective safety vests in their vehicles. The safety vests must be worn by drivers on multi-lane roads when setting up the warning triangle on a road outside urban limits. On an Autobahn or dual carriageway it is mandatory for the driver to wear the safety vest when leaving the vehicle and being on the roadway or the hard shoulder! In most cases, an on-the-spot official fine of EUR 14.00 is charged.

Mobile phone use is prohibited while driving

In Austria, as in most European countries, phoning on your mobile without a hands-free set is prohibited while driving. If you are caught, you will have to pay a sizeable fine (from EUR 25.00).

Speed limits

Non-built-up areas/ expressways: 100 km/h; Autobahn: 130 km/h; Built-up areas: 50 km/h (unless signs state otherwise)

Winter tyres are mandatory

Ab dem 1.1.2008 gilt in Österreich vom 1. November bis 15. April eine Winterreifenpflicht! Es müssen aber ausdrücklich “winterliche Verhältnisse” herrschen. Alternativ zu den Winterreifen können auch Schneeketten verwendet werden, parkende Pkw sind ausgenommen.


S' Acherl Breakfast

Achenchalet Acherl Hotel Achenkirch S Acherl Grafik Bergzug Weiss

07.00 - 10.30 am

Start an active day well fortified! Every morning we spoil our guests with a rich breakfast buffet. Local products as well as healthy, season-fresh ingredients are, of course, always part of the package.


Breakfast is included with every booking.

Raclette and Fondue Evening

Achenchalet Acherl Hotel Achenkirch S Acherl Grafik Bergzug Weiss

New from January

Every Friday you have the opportunity to indulge in culinary delights. For a fee, you can enjoy a typical Swiss raclette or fondue of various types. To accompany your meal, you can choose from delicious Austrian wines, beer specialities from the region as well as special non-alcoholic drinks.


Additional booking at or on site at the reception by Thursday noon at the latest

Included Services

Achenchalet Acherl Hotel Achenkirch S Acherl Grafik Bergzug Weiss
  • Rich breakfast buffet
  • S' Acherl bag with bathrobe, slippers and sauna towel
  • Sauna & infrared use
  • Wifi
  • Yoga class: 1 hour per week - directly in the hotel
  • -10% on all Moon Bike experiences
  • AchenseeCard with many advantages
  • -20% Greenfee at the Achenkirch golf course
  • Two guided hikes every week and much more...